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The unintended effect of US-China economic breakup

The unintended effect of US-China economic breakup
The Unintended Effect Of The US-China Economic Breakup | GZERO World

The US and China are moving into creating separate economic worlds for each other. And that won't be easy because the two economies are more closely linked than many people understand.

Unlike with Russia, which the West has almost completely isolated after invading Ukraine, we can't just stop trade with China, renowned economist Dambisa Moyo tells Ian Bremmer on GZERO World.

What's more, the US-China economic decoupling will have big implications for the developing world, where 90% of the global population lives. Moyo says that the US might lose out to China, which is fast becoming more appealing to developing nations.

If you want a growth story and are looking for investment, she adds, "the China story is still quite attractive."

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