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UN official: Security Council Is “dysfunctional” - but UN is not

UN official: Security Council Is “dysfunctional” - but UN is not
UN Official: Security Council Is “Dysfunctional” - But UN Is Not | GZERO World

Volker Türk, the new UN High Commissioner for Human Rights is surprisingly candid about one of his organization's most famous shortcomings.

The Security Council, which includes Russia as a permanent member, is "dysfunctional" on Ukraine, while the General Assembly has seen a sort of revival in how much it's been able to help the country.

In a GZERO World interview on the ground in Davos, Türk tells Ian Bremmer that believes it is critical that the Ukrainians, just as much as the Russians, abide by international human rights law. And he's been in close contact with the Ukrainian prosecutor general, who assures him he is investigating potential war crimes within his country's military.

"When you conduct hostilities," he explains, human rights law and international humanitarian law both apply.

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