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Would Trump give Ukraine to Putin?

Would Trump give Ukraine to Putin?
Would Trump give Ukraine to Putin? | Ivo Daalder | GZERO World

Speaking to Ian Bremmer from Tallinn, Estonia, for the latest episode of GZERO World, former US Ambassador to NATO Ivo Daalder outlines the potential impact of a Trump win on the Ukraine conflict. Daalder underscores Europe's concern about Trump's promise to end the war swiftly, noting that "Trump has said that he is going to end the war in 24 hours" by telling Putin he can keep his gains. This approach would effectively allow Putin to win the war and would have disastrous consequences, not just for Ukraine but for all of Europe. “It's been now pretty clear for the last few months,” Daalder tells Ian, that the Europeans “feel themselves squeezed between Putin and Trump. Trump as a country that is no longer willing and able reliably to help Europe and in its own defense in the way it has done for 75 years.” European leaders, Daalder says, are increasingly questioning how much they can rely on the support of the United States to defend democracy in the West. “That's the question Europe faces,” Daalder says. “It isn't going away with this election.”

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