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Ian Bremmer Explains: Should We Worry About AI? | GZERO World

Ian Bremmer explains: Should we worry about AI?

Many of us learned about the dangers of artificial intelligence thanks to Stanley Kubrick. Today, AI is doing a lot to improve our lives, but the peril remains. Ian Bremmer expects it to help with many things, especially healthcare, yet also to displace a lot of low-skilled workers in the near future. What's more, brace for AI's impact on deepfakes, misinformation, autonomous weapons systems, and surveillance of ethnic minorities.

Watch this episode of GZERO World with Ian Bremmer: Is a robot coming for your job? Kai-fu Lee explains AI

Podcast: The future of artificial intelligence with tech CEO Kai-Fu Lee

Listen: Artificial intelligence is changing the way we live — and very soon it'll go beyond medical breakthroughs and the algorithms that control your social newsfeeds. Will AI become the biggest technological disrupter since the Industrial Revolution, replacing many workers with robots? On this week's GZERO World Podcast, Ian Bremmer discusses the future of AI with scientist Kai-fu Lee, who's just come out with a book about what our AI-driven world may look like 20 years from now.

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Let's align interests to regulate Big Tech algorithms — AI scientist Kai-fu Lee | GZERO World

Let's align interests to regulate Big Tech algorithms — AI scientist Kai-fu Lee

This week's bombshell revelation of Facebook putting profits over people has sparked fresh calls to get tougher on Big Tech. And for AI scientist Kai-fu Lee, companies will just keep using algorithms to benefit their bottom lines if left unchecked. So, what can we do? Clearly establishing what's "unacceptable" would help, he says, as would coming up with a definition of fake news that almost all people can agree on. Watch his interview with Ian Bremmer on the upcoming episode of GZERO World.

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