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Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett

Abir Sultan via REUTERS

​Will Bennett ditch Ukraine peace talks to focus on domestic terror?

Israel is facing its worst domestic terror wave in nearly a decade after 11 people were killed in three cities in just one week.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, who’s been focused on high-stakes international diplomacy in recent weeks, is now mounting a full-court press to contain the deteriorating security situation at home.

What are the domestic and international implications of the brutal terrorism plaguing Israel?

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Annie Gugliotta

Will Israel be forced to choose between Russia and Ukraine?

Israel, the only country with close ties to Russia and Ukraine, is trying to delicately balance relations with both states. But as things continue to heat up on the Ukraine-Russia front, that's becoming much harder for Israel to do.

In a rare move Thursday, Kyiv summoned Israel's ambassador to Ukraine for a telling off, demanding an explanation following reports that Israel had reached out to Russia for help coordinating the evacuation of its nationals should Moscow escalate.

Why does Israel appear to be playing both sides, and how might things turn out if Russia invades?

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