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Pandemic Put Skills Top of Mind in a Job-Seeker’s Market — LinkedIn Exec | Global Stage| GZERO Media

COVID upended the job market & focused employers on skills

COVID had few silver linings. But perhaps one of them is that it upended the labor market in ways that, for once, favored workers over employers.

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Carrots are dumped into a carrot washing machine at a farm in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Pradeep Gaur / SOPA Images

Hard Numbers: India needs non-agri investment, American women lag behind, WFH forever, Iranian job woes

90: India will need to create 90 million new non-agricultural jobs by 2030 to reach its economic potential, according to McKinsey. The pandemic drove tens of millions out of cities to work in farming back in their villages, but economists now say that the government needs to boost urban production to maximize growth.

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