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Smoke rises from the White House parliament building as Yeltsinist troops storm the Russian parliament October 4, 1993.

REUTERS/Petr Josek

Hard Numbers: Yeltsin’s defense/undermining of “democracy,” Gaetz's ouster bid, Pandas’ exodus from the US, Bangladesh’s dengue crisis, UK’s minimum wage boost

30: Tuesday marks 30 years since Russian President Boris Yeltsin launched a military assault on Russia’s parliament building. Yeltsin made the move to end months of constitutional deadlock with a Communist-led opposition that wanted to slow the painful and chaotic post-Soviet transition to capitalism. After deadly clashes in which opposition forces tried to take over a Moscow TV tower, Yeltsin ordered the army to fire on parliament. US officials commended Yeltsin’s handling of the episode, but it permanently soured many Russians’ views of “democracy.”
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