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Annie Gugliotta & Jess Frampton

A “techlash” is coming this year

After years of uninhibited expansion into nearly all corners of modern life, consumer internet companies could this year face meaningful action to curb their activities from governments around the world. From Delhi to Dublin, Beijing to Brussels, and Washington to Warsaw, there is real momentum behind unprecedented legislation and stepped-up regulatory enforcement against big tech. In response, these companies will launch forceful advocacy campaigns to try to deflect the most aggressive measures, while modifying their business models and practices in response to the changing environment. We spoke to Eurasia Group expert Alexis Serfaty to get a sense of how the backlash against big tech is likely to play out in three major markets: the EU, China, and the US.

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Tech in 60 Seconds: CES, Location Data, and Techlash
Tech in 60 Seconds - January 11, 2018

Tech in 60 Seconds: CES, Location Data, and Techlash

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