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Schoolchildren who fled Ukraine attend a mixed class with other Ukrainian children living in Vienna, Austria.

REUTERS/Lisa Leutner

Efforts underway to return Ukrainian children from Russia

There’s no sign the Russian and Ukrainian governments are ready to talk peace, but there has reportedly been progress made in mediating agreements to return Ukrainian children, taken by Russian forces into Russian territory, to their families in Ukraine.

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Ari Winkleman

The Graphic Truth: Where Ukrainian refugees are going

Millions of refugees have fled Ukraine. While most have landed in Poland, many are going further afield — some as far away as Japan and the US. We take a look at where the bulk of these refugees are headed within Europe.

People fleeing Ukraine are seen after crossing the Ukrainian-Polish border.

Beata Zawrzel via Reuters

What awaits Ukrainian refugees?

War coverage often focuses on enigmatic leaders, such as Angela "wir schaffen das" Merkel, a rugged (shirtless) Vladimir Putin or this week’s internet sensation, Volodymyr Zelensky. Articles are dedicated to battlefield tactics, strategy, and even the length and shape of negotiation tables, but less is said of the millions of civilians caught in the crossfires.

In the past week, many have fled from Ukraine to neighboring countries. The media have focused on the European Union welcoming Ukrainians with red carpets, bucking the anti-immigrant tide that’s swept the continent in recent years. But it's worth digging deeper. What exactly has the EU committed to, and where might this all be heading?

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