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Aaron Rodgers takes "Cheesehead" literally
Ian Bremmer: Aaron Rodgers Takes “Cheesehead” Literally | Quick Take | GZERO Media

Aaron Rodgers takes "Cheesehead" literally

Ian Bremmer's Quick Take:

Hi everybody. Ian Bremmer here. Happy start to your week. I'm going to talk about something completely different today, NFL football. Aaron Rodgers. Green Bay, lost to the inferior Kansas City Chiefs yesterday, 13-7. And do you know why? It's because their star quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, wasn't playing. He has COVID. And he was asked before whether he was vaccinated, he said, "yes".

Here's the video: "Are you vaccinated and what's your stance on vaccinations?" "Yes, I have been immunized."

Turns out he wasn't vaccinated. Now that's his right but he did not adhere to the required protocols for unvaccinated NFL players because he's a weasel. Now Aaron is saying, he's being demonized by the woke mob. He's done his research. He's listened to Joe Rogan. He took Ivermectin and a homeopathic immunization protocol, whatever the hell that is. And he's allergic to an ingredient in mRNA vaccines, which of course doesn't include J&J, which he doesn't talk about. No reason for that but nonetheless, he even sent 500 pages of research that he did to the NFL.

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