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Making sense of our new global economy

Making sense of our new global economy
Ian Explains: Making Sense of Our New Global Economy | GZERO World

If billionaires shooting off into space because their net worth has jumped 60 percent sounds cringeworthy to you, you're not alone. Indeed, the pandemic hasn't been kind to the 120 million people into extreme poverty. Nor to the global economy as a whole, which stands to lose $2.3 trillion by 2025 due to vaccine inequality.

Even in the US, the vaccination rate is high but poor people still lack access to education, childcare, and healthcare. Still, despite these inequalities, America's economy has rebounded quickly. But we may not be fully back in the black quite yet. Economists disagree about how long rising inflation and supply chain shortages may last, and we're a long way off from vaccinating the world's poorest populations. Also, we face the twin threats of COVID variants and reduced vaccine efficacy over time.

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