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Expect another Erdogan presidency for Turkey

Expect another Erdogan presidency for Turkey
Expect another Erdogan presidency for Turkey | Europe In :60 | GZERO Media

Carl Bildt, former prime minister of Sweden, shares his perspective from Stockholm, Sweden.

How was the outcome of the Turkish election?

Well, we haven't seen the end of it, but the first round, which was not decisive concerning the presidency. Erdogan just short of 50%, but his coalition did capture the majority in parliament and that will be decisive advantage when it goes to the second round for the presidency on May 28th. Erdogan managed to mobilize the nationalists more conservative, more sort of proud Turkish, somewhat more rural Turks against the more modern, Western, younger. We'll see. But in all likelihood, May 28th for Erdogan.

How are preparations shaping up for the NATO Summit in Vilnius in mid-July?

Well, first there's the question, of course, with whether Turkey and Hungary will by then have ratified the Swedish succession as well in addition to Finland. We'll see. But then is the rather controversial question of Ukraine's application for membership. One doesn't want to avoid the trauma, the failure of the Bucharest Summit of 2008, so I guess there will be afford some sort of compromise, with just short membership, not quite membership, and hopefully concentrate on the concrete need and aid and assistance that Ukraine is needing right now on the battlefield and financial for its rather depleted state coffers.


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