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Minsk agreement a path to resolving Ukraine crisis

Minsk agreement a path to resolving Ukraine crisis
Russian & Ukrainian Negotiators Discuss Solutions For Donbas Conflict| Europe In :60 | GZERO Media

Carl Bildt, former Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Sweden, shares his perspective from Europe this week from Stockholm.

First, what's happening with the dispute with Russia?

Well, the Europeans, Paris and Berlin, are trying to revive the negotiations over the Donbas issue, the so-called Minsk format. I think that's a distinct sideshow, but of course, it would be good. But otherwise, we are waiting for the answer from Moscow, for the papers that were put on the table by Washington and by NATO, effectively rejecting most of the Russian demands, and they will see what happens thereafter.

Second question, who's going to fill the leadership vacuum in Europe?

Well, that remains to be seen, but for the moment, of course, France is in the presidency of the European Union, and President Macron is also very, very eager to show his European credentials when he's facing the tough re-election campaign in April. Then it will take some time for German Chancellor Scholz to establish himself firmly on the seat.


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