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Former Central Bank Governor Ajmal Ahmady Discusses Afghanistan's Perilous Future | GZERO World

Former Central Bank Governor Ajmal Ahmady discusses Afghanistan's perilous future

Ian Bremmer speaks to exiled Afghan Central Bank Governor Ajmal Ahmady on his own harrowing escape and the perils that await the very much aid-dependent country's economy now under Taliban control.

"I wasn't supposed to be on that plane” — former Afghan official recounts escape | GZERO World

Story of an escape from Afghanistan; "I wasn't supposed to be on that plane” - Ahmady

When Ajmal Ahmady saw the Taliban were about to take over Afghanistan, he knew it was time to get out — fast. The former central bank chief was lucky enough to board a flight, unlike so many of his fellow Afghans desperate to flee. "I was not supposed to be on that plane," Ahmady tells Ian Bremmer about his harrowing escape on this episode of GZERO World.

Watch the episode: Afghanistan, 2021: Three perspectives on the brutal close of a 20-year war

Taliban, Afghan People Face Economic Collapse, Says Former Central Bank Chief | GZERO World

Taliban, Afghan people face economic collapse, says former central bank chief

With Afghanistan's US-held assets and most foreign aid frozen, the currency in freefall, bank cash withdrawals limited and food prices surging, former Afghan central bank chief Ajmal Ahmady says the Taliban could soon run out of money to run the country. When that happens, they'll have to cut services, so "the Afghan people are undeniably going to be hurt."

Watch his interview with Ian Bremmer on a new episode of GZERO World, airing on US public television starting Friday, September 3. Check local listings.

Hasty US Pullout Led to Afghan Government Collapse, Says Exiled Official | GZERO World

Hasty US pullout led to Afghan government collapse, says exiled official

As the August 31 deadline approaches for the US to get out of Taliban-held Afghanistan, one Afghan official in exile says the pullout could have been "better managed and thought through." For Ajmal Ahmady, the former central bank chief who went viral for his Twitter thread about the country's finances, the withdrawal may have been a strategic choice for America — but the hasty way it was implemented teed up the collapse of the government he was once a part of. Watch Ahmady's interview on an upcoming special episode of GZERO World.

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