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Britain's Prime Minister Rishi Sunak speaks outside 10 Downing Street in London, Britain, March 1, 2024.

REUTERS/Belinda Jiao

Britain’s AI test-drive

The United Kingdom takes a hands-off approach to regulating AI technology — especially in relation to its European Union counterparts. Now, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s government is also using the tech to try to improve its own bureaucratic processes.

The government announced it will trial some AI tools — namely, a government-licensed version of ChatGPT, as well as various open-source tools — to analyze comments on public policy documents and draft responses to parliamentary questions. The government says there will always be a human vetting whatever the AI systems generate.

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Niall Ferguson: Blame bureaucrats, not leaders, for mismanaging disasters
Niall Ferguson: Blame Bureaucrats, Not Leaders, for Mismanaging Disasters | GZERO World

Niall Ferguson: Blame bureaucrats, not leaders, for mismanaging disasters

When a government fails on disaster response, Stanford University historian Niall Ferguson says we often point the finger at the wrong person: the president — even if he's Donald Trump — instead of the mid-level bureaucrats who're actually responsible for most decisions. "When people are inclined to blame the person at the top, on closer inspection the point of failure is not there," Ferguson tells Ian Bremmer in the upcoming episode of GZERO World. Check local listings to watch on US public television.

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