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A smoky Toronto skyline is seen from the CN Tower as wildfires in Ontario and Quebec continue to burn.

REUTERS/Carlos Osorio

Smoky skies part of new normal as planet heats up

Residents of Canada’s capital awoke to hazy yellow skies on Monday. The Air Quality Health Index showed that the pollution level was putting residents at high risk. The day tasted like a campfire.

Ottawa was under a pall because of wildfires, both small ones nearby and big ones farther away in northern Quebec. A cold front spread the yellow blanket across the Great Lakes. Toronto, Montreal, Chicago, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and much of Wisconsin were hazy on Monday. By Tuesday, the smoke had crept in over Boston, New York, and Washington. By the end of the week, it would be noticeable as far south as Nashville. Half of Canadians and a third of Americans can expect to experience unhealthy air quality by week’s end.

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