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US Congress COVID-19 Response | Sen. Chris Coons: More Stimulus Relief “Likely” | GZERO World

More stimulus relief “likely” in US Congress COVID-19 response: Sen. Chris Coons

In the latest episode of GZERO World with Ian Bremmer, Delaware Sen. Chris Coons discusses U.S. response to the COVID-19 pandemic. While he praises Congress for coming together to pass a record-breaking stimulus bill, he says President Trump "bluntly ignores the advice of his most senior scientists and public health advisors." He also criticizes GOP colleagues for following the President's lead rather than listening to scientists. On whether Congress will be able to pass additional relief funding for Americans and small businesses, Coons says, "I do think we'll get another round of relief, if nothing else, because the headwinds for both Trump's reelection and Republicans retaining the majority in the Senate, and for the economy, are getting stronger and stronger."

Ending the Filibuster: Senator Chris Coons' Changed Views | A Biden Administration | GZERO World

Ending the filibuster: Senator Chris Coons' changed views & a Biden administration

In a new interview with Ian Bremmer for GZERO World, Delaware Senator Chris Coons, once an ardent defender of the filibuster, explains why he's had a change of heart on the procedural policy. The filibuster prevents a simple majority from passing legislation in the Senate, and has been a tool that Coons says allowed Sen. Mitch McConnell, then Minority Leader, to "use the power of the minority to thwart the Obama Administration's agenda." Coons says, should VP Biden win the 2020 election, "I'm not willing to sit by for four years and watch an entire administration lose the opportunity to make real change."

Lightning Round: Sen. Chris Coons' Favorite Republican; DC Statehood; Biden T-shirt | GZERO World

Sen. Chris Coons on His Favorite Republican and Favorite T-shirt

In a GZERO World "Lightning Round," Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) reveals which Biden 2020 T-shirt is his favorite to work out in, who among GOP colleagues in the Senate he is closest with, where he stands on DC statehood, and (sort of) who he would have voted for if Joe Biden hadn't won the nomination. Spoiler alert: It is not Marianne Williamson.

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