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Ian Bremmer: COVID Made Us Rethink Labor | GZERO Media

​​Ian Bremmer: COVID made us rethink labor

Ian Bremmer has a message for businesses, and not just small ones: workers have been through a lot with COVID, so they're rethinking their relationship with their job.

"They're saying, well, maybe I don't need to spend all that time with people. I don't care as much about maybe I wanna work more flexibly. Maybe I don't want to go to the office every day. Maybe I don't wanna work for a big faceless corporation. Maybe I want to be closer to the purpose of my organization. Maybe I want the work to mean more to me."

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Should Small Businesses Embrace Public-Private Partners? | GZERO Media

Should small businesses embrace public-private partners?

Definitely, says Kiva CEO Chris Tsakalakis.

"No one individual or one group can fund what needs to get done in order to support these businesses," he says during a livestream conversation on small businesses and pandemic recovery hosted by GZERO Media in partnership with Visa.

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