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FILE PHOTO: Vasiliki Kostoula, a Greek breast cancer patient, listens to her doctor after a radiological medical examination in an Athens hospital October 29, 2008.

REUTERS/Yannis Behrakis

Hard Numbers: Tax hacks, Breast cancer, Google dinged, AI job risk

81.6: A new artificial intelligence tool can provide some relief to breast cancer patients experiencing lymphoedema, a painful swelling of the arm that’s a common side effect. It correctly predicted patients that would develop it in 81.6 percent of cases and correctly predicted which patients would not develop it in 72.9%.
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Closing tax loopholes: How US Congress will fund spending bill
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Closing tax loopholes: How US Congress will fund spending bill

Jon Lieber, head of Eurasia Group's coverage of political and policy developments in Washington, DC, shares his analysis on US politics.

How is Congress planning on raising your taxes to pay for their new spending bill?

The short answer is they aren't. The new spending deal being negotiated by Senate leaders relies on several provisions that raise revenue for the federal government, by allowing lawmakers to claim they aren't raising taxes at all. How's that? By closing what policymakers consider loopholes in the tax code.

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