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AI is changing the fine print on your favorite services

Companies are gradually changing their terms of service to meet the needs of the AI era. Google altered its terms last July to specify that it may use publicly available user data to train its Bard chatbot — now called Gemini — and cloud services offering. Snap and X have made similar changes to their terms of service, while Meta notified European users that public posts on Facebook and Instagram will be used to train its AI.
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Amazon's Facial Recognition Problem: Tech in 60 Seconds
Amazon's Facial Recognition Problem: Tech in 60 Seconds

Amazon's Facial Recognition Problem: Tech in 60 Seconds

Should Amazon stop selling its facial recognition technology to law enforcement?

Probably. There's a big problem with its facial recognition technology where it has a harder time identifying people of color and women. It should surely solve that problem before it sells it to law enforcement or else it's going to get a lot of trouble.

Will Snap's move into games be a success?

Hard to say. So the problem with Snapchat is that they make really good products. They see the future, but they have a hard time building stuff that Facebook and Instagram can't copy. So, my guess? This is probably going to be a good product. Will they be able to make money off of it? We'll see.

Should I turn off Bluetooth when I'm not using it? Why?

Yes! Turn it off. Bluetooth is very susceptible to hackers. So there is a real risk. Toggle the little switch. Turn it off.

Is Instagram influence just as good as cash?

No. If you are a hotel or a restaurant and somebody shows up and they have two thousand Instagram followers and they say, "I'm an influencer give me a free meal! Say no."

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