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Biden’s Rocky Start on Foreign Policy | GZERO World

Biden’s rocky start on foreign policy

Can President Biden tamp down growing global skepticism and persuade his allies that the US is really "back"? Or is America's credibility irreparably damaged no matter what Biden, or any future president, says or does? Ian Bremmer is joined on GZERO World by global affairs journalist and Middle East expert Robin Wright of The New Yorker to discuss why Biden, the most geopolitically experienced US president in decades, is already looking to hit the reset button on America's foreign policy. After four long years of the Trump administration's bull-in-a-china-shop approach to foreign policy, Joe Biden's assurances that America was "back" had been like Xanax to the diplomatic community. But some major foreign policy snafus in the past eight months have thrown America's renewed global standing into question. At the very least, it seems the honeymoon is over.

GZERO World S2E10: Satire In A World on Edge

Satire in a World on Edge

On the show this week, Ian looks at the burgeoning relationship between Russia and China. Then he asks you to look again. Next, comedian and New Yorker satirist Andy Borowitz talks about how he views satire in the age of Trump, and why it's never been harder, or more important, to get it right. And of course, we've got your Puppet Regime.
GZERO World S2E8: Adam Davidson on “Trump Fact and Fiction”

Adam Davidson on Trump Fact and Fiction

On the show this week, Ian talks Turkey. US-Turkey relations, that is, and why a recent currency nosedive could be cause for concern in Washington as much as in Ankara. Then The New Yorker's Adam Davidson follows the money around President Trump and tries to separate fact from fiction. And, of course, we’ve got your Puppet Regime.

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