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Americans released in a swap deal between the U.S. and Iran arrive in Doha.


US-Iran prisoner swap comes through

The US and Iran on Monday traded prisoners in a high stakes swap that’s causing problems for President Biden at home.

After months of negotiations, the two foes traded 10 prisoners: five US citizens locked up in Iran, and five Iranians detained in the US, some of whom were charged but hadn’t been convicted.

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Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and US President Joe Biden.


A US-Iran (prisoner) deal moves forward

On Monday, the Biden administration informed Congress that it had issued a waiver that will allow South Korean banks to transfer $6 billion in Iranian funds frozen by sanctions to Qatar’s Central Bank. (South Korea is one of the biggest purchasers of Iranian oil.) Qatar will then make the funds available to Iran for what the White House insists are humanitarian purposes like the purchase of food and medicine. Iran will free five detained US citizens, and Washington will release five Iranians detained in the US.

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