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Meet the leader of Japan’s pandemic response and recovery
Meet the Leader of Japan’s Pandemic Response and Recovery | Japan In :60 | GZERO Media

Meet the leader of Japan’s pandemic response and recovery

Japan's Cabinet Minister Yasutoshi Nishimura is the person charged with leading economic revitalization and coronavirus response for his nation. In this conversation with GZERO's Ian Bremmer, Nishimura explains the challenges Japan has faced, the road to recovery, and what the example of Japan can teach the world. The video is part of a limited "Japan in 60 Seconds" series produced in partnership with the Consulate General of Japan.

This video is sponsored by the Consulate General of Japan.

GZERO Summit: Fighting COVID-19
GZERO Summit on the Fight Against Covid 19 | GZERO Summit

GZERO Summit: Fighting COVID-19

Almost one year since the coronavirus upended the world, what's the current state of play on ending the pandemic, and what challenges we face towards vaccinating everyone in 2021.

Fortunately, as the virus has grown exponentially, so has science, Dr. Larry Brilliant, CEO of Pandefense and one of the world's most highly regarded epidemiologists, said during the panel discussion on fighting COVID-19 at the 2020 GZERO Summit in Japan.

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