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Petraeus on the Afghanistan crisis

Petraeus on the Afghanistan crisis
Petraeus on the Afghanistan Crisis | GZERO World

Former CIA chief and four-star general David Petraeus, who once commanded US forces in Afghanistan, has been a harsh critic of President Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from the country. Now, as Afghans face one of the worst humanitarian crises of the modern era, Petraeus tells Ian Bremmer how he thinks the United States can still help avert total disaster.

But when it comes to sending aid to the Afghan people, Petraeus acknowledges that challenges remain. “The question is, how do you bring that to bear for the people without enabling the Taliban government, which we won't recognize, I'm sure, if ever?”

Petraeus’ spoke with Bremmer in an interview for GZERO World, which took place at the 2022 Munich Security Conference – just days before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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