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Will Modi try to mediate the Gaza conflict?

Apulia [Italy], Jun 15 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi departs from Italy to New Delhi, on Friday.

Apulia [Italy], Jun 15 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi departs from Italy to New Delhi, on Friday.

ANI via Reuters Connect
Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Muhammad Mustafa has urged India to assist with mediating a cease-fire in Gaza. In a letter congratulating Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his reelection last week, Mustafa emphasized the need for a truce to alleviate the growing humanitarian crisis in the region. Mustafa’s predecessor had previously praised Modi for delivering humanitarian aid to Gaza and appealed earlier this year for greater assistance based on the countries’ shared experience with “colonialism.”

Historically, India has supported the Palestinian cause and advocated for a two-state solution. Under Modi’s leadership, however, Indiaincreased ties with Israel, including defense cooperation, technological exchange, and economic ties. Domestically, Modi has also faced blowback for a Hindu-nationalist agenda that critics say marginalizes the Muslim community. Indiabacked a UNGA resolution last year in favor of a cease-fire in Gaza but hasn’t made efforts to push for a truce unilaterally.

Does Mustafa see an opportunity? His renewed appeal comes amida possible shift in India’s foreign policy positions. With Modi’s BJP now lacking an absolute majority, coalition partners could influence policy decisions, including the government’s stance on the Israel-Hamas war. Observers also believe Modi’s desire to position India as a global player – and peacemaker – could incite his government to play a larger role in the conflict. Stay tuned.


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