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U.S. President Joe Biden delivers the State of the Union address at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC.

Saul Loeb/Pool via REUTERS

Biden's State of the Union takes aim at Putin

President Joe Biden kicked off his first State of the Union address Tuesday night by condemning Russia’s aggression in Ukraine and praising Ukrainians’ bravery in defending their country. He also vowed to inflict more pain on Russia, announcing that the US would join the EU and Canada in banning Russian aircraft from US airspace. Indeed, some have criticized the move, saying this makes it harder for Americans in Russia to leave, but the Biden administration says there are other routes available for reaching the US.

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On Foreign Policy, Biden's Heart in the Right Place but "Clumsy", Says Robin Wright | GZERO World

On foreign policy, Biden's heart in the right place but "clumsy", says journalist Robin Wright

Joe Biden came into office with enormous foreign policy experience, a sharp contrast from his predecessor. So far, however, The New Yorker's Robin Wright says "there has been a lot of clumsy behavior" on Afghanistan and more recently alienating allies with AUKUS, and Biden's people are good thinkers but neither brave nor bold. "It's a weak administration [whose] heart's in the right place," she explains, but it needs to come up with more and move faster. Watch her interview with Ian Bremmer on the latest episode of GZERO World.

Watch this episode of GZERO World with Ian Bremmer: Biden's rocky start on foreign policy

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