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Putin’s war brings big changes to Little Odessa
Putin’s War Brings Big Changes to Little Odessa | GZERO World

Putin’s war brings big changes to Little Odessa

For years, one of the most popular grocery stores in the Brighton Beach section of Brooklyn was called “A Taste of Russia.”

Then, in late February, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine. Within a week, the store’s co-owner, Bobby Rakhman, had taken down his sign and replaced it with a new one: “International Food.”

“When the war started,” says Rakhman, who came here from the Soviet Union as a child in the 1970s, “we felt very uncomfortable with the name Taste of Russia. Even though it didn't mean anything political, it made people feel bad that the name Russia was associated with a store located in the midst of, as we call it, ‘Little Odessa’.”

Alex Kliment visits New York's "Little Odessa" for an episode of GZERO World with Ian Bremmer. Watch the video above.

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