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Zelensky Wants Your Attention Back | GZERO Media

Zelensky wants your attention back

President Zelensky hits the streets of New York to find out why Americans' focus on Ukraine is waning, and what he can do about it.


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Employee at a gas station during a protest against rising fuel prices in Assam, India.

David Talukdar via Reuters Connect

Hard Numbers: India taxes diesel exports, Donetsk citizens told to flee, France nationalizes EDF, NYC needs lifeguards

100,000: New export taxes on fuel could reduce the amount of diesel India sells abroad by as much as 100,000 barrels per day, exacerbating shortages and high prices elsewhere. Meanwhile, the Indians keep scooping up Russian oil at bargain prices.

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Annie Gugliotta

Hard Numbers: Sinn Féin wins, HK gets new pro-China boss, Nigeria grounds flights, NYC rats on a rampage

27: For the first time, Sinn Féin became the largest party in Northern Ireland's assembly after winning 27 seats in Thursday's election. The result matters because Sinn Féin openly supports reunification with the Republic of Ireland, an EU member state, and because UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson might use Northern Ireland to pick another fight with Brussels.

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Putin’s War Brings Big Changes to Little Odessa | GZERO World

Putin’s war brings big changes to Little Odessa

For years, one of the most popular grocery stores in the Brighton Beach section of Brooklyn was called “A Taste of Russia.”

Then, in late February, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine. Within a week, the store’s co-owner, Bobby Rakhman, had taken down his sign and replaced it with a new one: “International Food.”

“When the war started,” says Rakhman, who came here from the Soviet Union as a child in the 1970s, “we felt very uncomfortable with the name Taste of Russia. Even though it didn't mean anything political, it made people feel bad that the name Russia was associated with a store located in the midst of, as we call it, ‘Little Odessa’.”

Alex Kliment visits New York's "Little Odessa" for an episode of GZERO World with Ian Bremmer. Watch the video above.

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PUPPET REGIME: Zelensky Visits the Big Apple | GZERO Media

Zelensky visits the Big Apple

Everyone knows Americans love apple pie and culture wars, but these days they also seem to really love Ukraine. President Volodymyr Zelensky recently hit the streets of New York to find out why.


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France's President Emmanuel Macron looks on during a joint press conference with Germany's Chancellor Olaf Scholz (not pictured) after an European Union (EU) summit at the European Council Building at the EU headquarters in Brussels, Belgium December 17, 2021.

John Thys/Pool via REUTERS

What We’re Watching: France’s EU presidency, Kim Jong Un’s 2022 plans, NYC’s new mayor, Sudan’s PM steps down

France takes over EU presidency. France has assumed the EU's rotational presidency, which allows Paris to set the bloc’s agenda for the next six months at a very interesting time for both EU and French politics. French President Emmanuel Macron will want to make a big splash as he vies to become the bloc's de-facto leader after the departure of Angela Merkel. Macron's ambitious plans include reforming the EU's budget rules to allow member states to spend more than 60 percent of their annual GDP, which he’ll have a tough time selling to debt-averse Germany. He also will continue to push hard for the EU to develop a military capability independent from the US, and to embrace nuclear power as a green source of energy as Brussels just proposed. Also, in the run-up to the French presidential election in April, the centrist Macron will use the EU presidency to tell voters how France can benefit from a stronger Union led by France — particularly to fend off challenges from his right in fellow Europhile Valerie Pécresse, and his far right in Euroskeptics Marine Le Pen and Éric Zemmour. So far, Macron isn't off to a good start: he had to remove a giant EU flag perched on Paris’ Arc de Triomphe after his three main rivals called it an attack on French identity.

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Yemen’s Coffee Culture Endures Despite Its Troubles | GZERO World

Yemen’s coffee culture endures despite its troubles

According to UNICEF, Yemen is the largest humanitarian crisis in the world. Despite their current crisis, they still produce one of the tastiest coffees. Yemen has exported coffee globally for almost 500 years, making them one of the oldest sources of bean in the world. At Diwan Café, a small coffee shop in Downtown Brooklyn, two Yemeni-American cousins strive to bring their country’s greatest cultural export to New York.
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The Graphic Truth: Now arriving in NYC

After a grueling 20 months, the US opened its borders this week to all foreign nationals vaccinated against COVID. For many, a visit to America is synonymous with a jaunt to New York City – famously described by the cast of Rentas the "center of the universe." Almost 67 million tourists visited New York City in the year before the pandemic. Where do most of the internationals come from — and how much cash do they infuse into the economy? We take a look at the top 10 NYC tourist arrivals by country of origin, as well as average spending per tourist.

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