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Waste pickers roam collecting waste in Durban, South Africa

Hard Numbers: South African unemployment, migrant Med deaths mount, Argentina devalues Peso, and NYC rat sightings are … down

61: A whopping 61% of South African youth aged 15-24 are unemployed, according to official figures, but analysts say the real number of unemployed youth, including those who have given up looking, is even higher. South Africa has the world’s highest unemployment rate, with 42% of the working-age population out of work.
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AI generated images of armed rats

DALL-E and the human Ari Winkleman

New Zealand declares war … on rats

It is a truth universally acknowledged that where there are humans there are, generally, rats. As humans have moved about the world, the rats have followed to feast on their crops, their garbage – and in the case of New Zealand – their native birds.

There are, to be fair, a few exceptions. Two, to be precise. One is Alberta, Canada, which launched a massive anti-rat mobilization in the 1950s and has been rat-free since. The other is South Georgia Island in the southern Atlantic Ocean, which was declared rat-free in 2018, after the government deployed helicopters to rain poison pellets from the sky.

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