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Scott Galloway on population decline and the secret sauce of US success
Scott Galloway on population decline & the secret sauce of US success | GZERO World

Scott Galloway on population decline and the secret sauce of US success

The United States is already feeling the effects of population decline, and in an interview with Ian Bremmer on GZERO World, tech expert and NYU Professor Scott Galloway warns that we're verging on "population negative."

With many people choosing not to have kids due to financial constraints, Galloway suggests that AI may be a solution. He points to countries like Japan and Italy that are already experiencing negative population growth and are feeling the negative effects.

To counter this trend, Galloway proposes creating a context of economic security that provides more opportunities for young people to have families.

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Demography and destiny: blessing or time bomb?

Demography is destiny. That ominous-sounding pronouncement, credited to French philosopher Auguste Comte, is today taken to mean that a nation's fate depends on the youthfulness of its population. For a poor country to become rich, it needs lots of young people ready to work, to support those too old or too young to work, and to pay taxes. This is called the "demographic dividend."

That's an important part of China's success story. Over the past 40 years, more than one billion people have emerged from poverty in China. Waves of young people surged from the countryside into cities to work in factories. The state invested in education, and wages helped young workers, and then their children, go to school. The state also began a drive to develop the technologies of the future, by any means necessary. In China, once dirt-poor, hundreds of millions have created a middle class.

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