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Cross country skiing at the 2022 Beijing Olympics

REUTERS/Lindsey Wasson

Hard Numbers: Real snow disrupts Winter Games, French airstrikes in the Sahel, “blasphemy” lynching in Pakistan, Canadian cops arrest protesters

222 million: Several ski and slalom events had to be pushed back at the Beijing Olympics Sunday due to heavy snow and poor visibility. Ironically, China has been criticized for using 222 million liters of water to create artificial snow conditions for the Games.

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Annie Gugliotta

Hard Numbers: French troops out of Sahel, Saudi-UAE oil deal, Chinese father-son reunion, Belarusian migrant wave

5,100: France will gradually withdraw most of its 5,100 troops from Africa's conflict-ridden Sahel region by the first quarter of next year. A month ago, President Emmanuel Macron vowed that at least "hundreds" of French soldiers would remain in the Sahel as part of an international task force to counter jihadist groups in the region.

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