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Stanford President Marc-Tessier Lavigne: The future of in-person college learning

"I think that we can make education much more accessible while still highlighting the value of an in-person Stanford education" Stanford University president Marc Tessier Lavigne told Ian Bremmer. It will be the job of administrators, says Tessier-Lavigne, to determine how best to apply the "highs" of remote learning to a post-pandemic learning experience.

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The global disruption in the education sector

This week, Ian Bremmer looks at how one affluent community in Chile sounded the alarm on in-person education in the COVID age long before the American academic school year started up this fall.

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Why Stanford disinvited their undergraduates back to campus

"Yeah, that was a very difficult decision. Very disappointing. Our students wanted to come back. Our faculty wanted to come back," Stanford President Marc Tessier-Lavigne told Ian Bremmer. After first announcing in June that Stanford would welcome all students back to campus in the fall, Tessier-Lavigne reversed course in August, determining that California's COVID outbreak made a large-scale student return untenable. But, Tessier-Lavigne points out, not all students will be barred from returning this fall.

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