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Should We Ban Artificial Intelligence? | Global Stage | GZERO Media

Artificial intelligence and the importance of civics

What's more important to fight AI-enabled disinformation: policies or social norms?

Eileen Donahoe, executive director of Stanford University's Global Digital Policy Incubator, believes we haven't done enough on the cultural level and in terms of civic education.

But, should governments ban AI? She's on the fence when asked during a Global Stage livestream conversation hosted by GZERO in partnership with Microsoft.

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Stanford President Marc-Tessier Lavigne: The Future of In-person College Learning | GZERO World

Stanford President Marc-Tessier Lavigne: The future of in-person college learning

"I think that we can make education much more accessible while still highlighting the value of an in-person Stanford education" Stanford University president Marc Tessier Lavigne told Ian Bremmer. It will be the job of administrators, says Tessier-Lavigne, to determine how best to apply the "highs" of remote learning to a post-pandemic learning experience.

Watch this GZERO World episode.

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Stanford's President on The “New Normal” for Higher Education after COVID | GZERO World

Stanford's president on the “new normal” for higher education after COVID

Certain adjustments that universities across the country made because of the pandemic may very well be here to stay. A vast expansion of the use of telehealth, says Stanford University president Marc Tessier-Lavine, may be one of those things. And even once students can come back to campus, certain remote learning programs may be here to stay. That said, there's no replacing the in-person experience, Tessier-Lavigne stresses.

Why Stanford Disinvited Their Undergraduates Back to Campus | GZERO World

Why Stanford disinvited their undergraduates back to campus

"Yeah, that was a very difficult decision. Very disappointing. Our students wanted to come back. Our faculty wanted to come back," Stanford President Marc Tessier-Lavigne told Ian Bremmer. After first announcing in June that Stanford would welcome all students back to campus in the fall, Tessier-Lavigne reversed course in August, determining that California's COVID outbreak made a large-scale student return untenable. But, Tessier-Lavigne points out, not all students will be barred from returning this fall.

Stanford's President: College in the Covid Age | GZERO World with Ian Bremmer

Stanford's president: college in the COVID age

On GZERO World, Stanford University president Marc Tessier-Lavigne joins Ian Bremmer to talk about how higher education is trying (and in many cases failing) to adjust to the pandemic this fall. Tessier-Lavigne made news in August by reversing a June decision to welcome undergraduates back to campus, determining that California's summer COVID outbreak made it untenable to bring most students back. How Tessier-Lavigne came to that decision, how Stanford intends to enforce COVID restrictions once all students do return, and what the future of higher education will look like in a post-pandemic world.- all in this discussion.

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