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Paige Fusco

Graphic Truth: Apprenticeships are on the rise

Whether it’s the price of college, the promise of the gig economy, or simply the desire to get paid while training, apprenticeships are having a moment. In the US, this surge has coincided with an 8% drop in undergraduate college enrollment; in Canada, it comes amid high youth unemployment.

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ChatGPT on campus: How are universities handling generative AI?
AI on campus: How are universities navigating a new phenomenon? | GZERO AI

ChatGPT on campus: How are universities handling generative AI?

In this episode of GZERO AI, Taylor Owen, professor at the Max Bell School of Public Policy at McGill University and director of its Centre for Media, Technology & Democracy, discusses how the emergence of ChatGPT and other generative AI tools have thrown a new dynamic into his teaching practice, and shares his insights into how colleges have attempted to handle the new phenomenon.

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed HB 7, known as the “stop woke act,” in Florida, on April 22, 2022.

Daniel A. Varela/Miami Herald/TNS/ABACAPRESS.COM

Ron DeSantis and the latest battle over Black history

As Black History Month begins today in the US, the country’s latest culture war battle is about … Black history.

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Biden's immigration play, failing students, eye on debates

With Midterm Matters, we are counting down to the US midterm elections on Nov. 8 by separating the signal from the noise on election-related news.

Biden’s pre-midterm immigration play

The number of Venezuelan migrants arriving at the US southern border has plummeted by 90% since President Joe Biden invoked Title 42 (a Trump-era law allowing the expulsion of asylum-seekers on public health grounds) earlier this month.

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Annie Gugliotta

The Graphic Truth: Who pays most/least for college tuition?

One of the many reasons Americans have so much student debt is the high tuition fees charged by universities — especially private ones. Then again, graduating from an elite private school generally leads to a higher future salary and more opportunities, so many US students are willing to risk enormous debt in hopes of a huge payoff. But what about the rest of the world? We take a look at tuition fees across OECD countries.

Hard Numbers: French teachers strike, Spanish doctors compensated, Lula soaring in Brazil, Biden pledges more COVID tests

75: Around 75 percent of French primary school teachers participated in a strike this week against the government’s handling of the pandemic. The teacher's union says that President Emmanuel Macron is putting educators at risk by constantly changing safety standards and protocols amid the ballooning omicron wave.

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Hard Numbers: The world's longest school closures, India's regional votes, Bulgaria’s shrinking population, Suu Kyi convicted again

4: Myanmar’s ousted civilian leader and former democracy darling Aung San Suu Kyi has been given another four-year prison sentence (she’s already been sentenced on two other charges.) Suu Kyi was ousted in a military coup last February and faces a host of bogus charges – including violating COVID restrictions and possessing unauthorized walkie talkies –which combined could land her in prison for 100 years.
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How China plans to achieve global military dominance
How China Plans to Achieve Global Military Dominance | GZERO World

How China plans to achieve global military dominance

The US still enjoys military superiority over China, but for how long? Retired admiral James Stavridis believes it's important to understand how determined China is to establish global dominance. The Chinese defense budget is focused on strategic initiatives including offensive cyber, militarizing space and quantum computing. Furthermore, China's approach to education is intended to secure an advantage. "They're pumping out huge numbers of people with advanced degrees. They're investing government resources into the kind of R&D that we should be doing more of here in the United States," Stavridis tells Ian Bremmer in a GZERO World interview.

Watch the episode: What could spark a US-China war?

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