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South Korean truckers take part in a protest at Kia Motor's factory in Gwangju.

Yonhap via REUTERS

Hard numbers: South Korean truckers strike, Iranian martyrs struck, Russia stays flush, UK asylees in limbo

1.25 billion: A weeklong strike by South Korean truckers has already disrupted $1.25 billion worth of exports of cars, steel, and chemicals, further snarling global supply chains as much of the world already faces high inflation. The strikers are demanding better working conditions and higher wages.

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Chairman of scandal-prone Korean Air dies

April 09, 2019 5:00 AM

SEOUL • Korean Air chairman and chief executive Cho Yang-ho died of a chronic illness yesterday, barely two weeks after shareholders ended his 27-year tenure on the board of the country's biggest carrier due to perceived leadership failings.

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