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Putin does your taxes
Putin Does Your Taxes | PUPPET REGIME

Putin does your taxes

Tired of the government taking your hard-earned money? Worried about that April 15th deadline? Relax, the President of Russia's new accounting firm has you covered.


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Waiting for the Mueller Report: US Politics in 60 Seconds
Waiting for Mueller: US Politics in 60 Seconds

Waiting for the Mueller Report: US Politics in 60 Seconds

How are Americans feeling about President Trump's tax cut bill?

Well, not very good. Polls suggests that it remains really unpopular. People feel like the rich and corporations got most of that tax cut and they didn't get very much.

What's the Dems' biggest achievement in their first 100 days in the House?

I'd say it's oversight of the Trump administration, having the gavels, calling people like Bill Barr up to testify. That'll continue to be their number one role in the House since they don't control the Senate.

Will the Mueller report reveal more details of collusion?

I'd say it's much more likely to give us details about potential obstruction rather than collusion, but I'm not sure there will be huge blockbusters in there.

Is President Trump moving to consolidate power?

Obviously he is. He's cleared out DHS, he's got acting directors or leaders in six agencies not Senate confirmed. He's absolutely moving to consolidate power in himself and the executive branch.

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