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Move Forward Party leader and PM candidate Pita Limjaroenrat celebrate the party's election results in Bangkok, Thailand.

REUTERS/Jorge Silva

A guide to Thailand’s messy post-election politics

On Sunday, Thai voters shocked the ruling pro-military establishment by delivering a landslide victory for the democratic opposition. Okay, so that means the generals are out, right?


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Mourners carry the bodies of Palestinians, including militants, killed in an Israeli raid, during their funeral in Jenin

REUTERS/Raneen Sawafta

What We’re Watching: West Bank violence, Czech election runoff, Thai coup jitters

After Jenin raid, Palestinian militants vow “revenge”

At least nine Palestinians were killed Thursday in Jenin in one of the deadliest West Bank operations in recent years carried out by the Israel Defense Forces. Israel’s military said it stormed the Jenin refugee camp to arrest members of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad suspected of carrying out and planning “multiple major terror attacks.” Authorities confirmed that at least seven gunmen and two civilians were killed in the operation that also injured 20 Palestinians. While members of Israel’s new right-wing government have been criticized for wanting to relax the military’s rules of engagement, this raid was part of a long-running effort to root out terror groups in the northern West Bank, which began last year after a series of attacks that killed 31 Israelis – retaliatory missions notably led to more than 100 Palestinian deaths. Israel is now on high alert, fearing a slate of missile strikes from the Gaza Strip as well as unrest in the West Bank and Jerusalem after Palestinian terror outfits – including Hamas and PIJ – vowed “revenge.” Friday saw a limited exchange of Palestinian rockets and Israeli airstrikes.

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Protesters challenge Thai King's military command

November 30, 2020 5:00 AM

BANGKOK • Hundreds of protesters marched on a barracks of Thailand's royal guards unit yesterday, hoisting inflatable rubber ducks high above their heads in a whimsical show of force by a pro-democracy movement calling for curbs to the power of the monarchy.

Thai protesters challenge king's military command

November 29, 2020 6:24 PM

BANGKOK (REUTERS) - Thai anti-government protesters challenged on Sunday (Nov 29) King Maha Vajiralongkorn's personal control over some army units to condemn the military's role in politics.

Thai exiles in fear after murders and disappearances

May 24, 2019 2:21 PM

BANGKOK (REUTERS) - When members of the exiled Thai protest band Faiyen learned that the concrete-stuffed bodies of two Thai activists who had disappeared from Laos had been found in the Mekong River, they grew worried about their own fates.

10 must-reads for today

March 22, 2019 5:00 AM

Thailand holds its first election in eight years on Sunday under rules concocted by a junta to keep it in power, but with the appeal of both old foes and the new millennial vote posing an unpredictable challenge.

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