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Pikesville High School, part of Baltimore County Public Schools, investigated a recording of racist and antisemitic remarks allegedly made by its principal, leading to the recent charges against Dazhon Darien.

Lloyd Fox/Baltimore Sun/TNS/ABACAPRESS.COM via Reuters

Alleged AI crime rocks Maryland high school

Dazhon Darien, a former athletic director at Pikesville High School in Baltimore County, Maryland, was arrested on April 25 and charged with a litany of crimes related to using AI to frame the school's principal. Darien allegedly created a fake AI voice of Principal Eric Eiswert, used it to generate racist and antisemitic statements, and posted the audio on social media in January. Eiswert was temporarily removed from the school after the audio emerged.

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OpenAI is risk-testing Voice Engine, but the risks are clear
- YouTube

OpenAI is risk-testing Voice Engine, but the risks are clear

Marietje Schaake, International Policy Fellow, Stanford Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence, and former European Parliamentarian, co-hosts GZERO AI, our new weekly video series intended to help you keep up and make sense of the latest news on the AI revolution. In this episode, she says that while OpenAI is testing its new Voice Engine model to identify its risks, we've already experienced the clear dangers of voice impersonation technology. What we need is a more independent assessment of these new technologies applying equally to companies who want to tread carefully and those who want to race ahead in developing and deploying the technology.
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