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Montana court ruling sides with youth and climate

While climate change lawsuits are nothing new, most get thrown out of court. But one brought by young people aged 5 to 22 in Montana – the first-ever constitutional challenge of its kind in the US – made it to trial this summer. And on Monday, the judge seemed to set a major precedent by ruling that the plaintiffs have a constitutional right to a healthy environment. She also ruled that the state must consider climate change and environmental impacts when evaluating new projects.

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Why young people belong on the frontline of the climate fight
Young People Want to Be Climate Agents of Change, Says COP27 Youth Envoy | GZERO Media

Why young people belong on the frontline of the climate fight

Across especially the developing world, young people have been disproportionately affected by the impacts of climate change.

Yet they still lack a place at the policymaking table.How can we fix this? Dr. Omnia El Omrani, Youth Envoy for COP27 and SDG Champion, offers some thoughts in a Global Stage livestream conversation hosted by GZERO in partnership with Microsoft.

"We need to create a space that is meaningful, that is consistent, that is sustainable, for our needs and our demand, and for us to really shape the future that does not kill our dreams, she says.

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