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Will the Ukraine War succeed where COVID failed?

Will the Ukraine War succeed where COVID failed?
Will the Ukraine War Succeed Where COVID Failed? | GZERO Media

Many of us thought the pandemic would shake up the "sclerosis" in deeply dysfunctional pre-COVID politics. It did not.

"We have to admit the pandemic wasn't a big enough crisis" to improve things like the US-China relationship or American political polarization, Eurasia Group & GZERO Media President Ian Bremmer said during a livestream discussion on equitable vaccine distribution hosted by GZERO Media in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Will the potential for war with nuclear-armed Russia be big enough to create further global cooperation? Yes, but two things also come to mind.

First, Bremmer believes Russia's actions will likely strengthen trans-Atlantic cooperation beyond security, and that includes global health. Second, China.

Are we going to come out of this crisis with a China that the Americans and Europeans can work with?

And, if so, will that trust extend to global health, unlike what happened with COVID? Or will the war make Russia more integrated with China as a supplicant in a Cold War 2.0?


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