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Europe's new "Iron Lady" Kaja Kallas

Europe's new "Iron Lady" Kaja Kallas
Europe's new "Iron Lady" Kaja Kallas | GZERO World

Kaja Kallas became Estonia’s first female Prime Minister in 2021 and has been called Europe’s new Iron Lady. Since assuming office, she has been one of the strongest voices in Europe condemning Vladimir Putin and Russian aggression. She's also been one of Ukrainian President Zelensky's staunchest supporters. "The war is going much better than we thought a year ago," she tells Ian Bremmer while on the sidelines of the annual Munich Security Conference in Germany. But she's also aware that the road ahead is full of challenges. "Ukraine has survived and has fought very hard, but to look into the future, how is it going in the future? Do we see any way out of this? It's very hard to say."

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