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Why the world isn't fair: Yuval Noah Harari on AI, Ukraine, and Gaza

image of Yuval Noah Harari with GZERO World with ian bremmer - the podcast

Listen: In the latest episode of the GZERO World Podcast, Ian Bremmer sits with bestselling author and historian Yuval Noah Harari to delve into the transformative power of storytelling, the existential challenges posed by AI, the critical geopolitical stakes of the Ukraine conflict, and the complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian situation, while also exploring personal and societal strategies for navigating an era of unprecedented change and advocating for mindfulness and ethical awareness.

Harari highlights humanity's unique ability to forge societies through shared stories, which, while unifying, can also seed conflict. This is a special, extended version of their interview, taped live at the 92nd Street Y in NYC and exclusive to podcast listeners.

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