Russia-Ukraine: Two years of war
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Sweden's NATO membership is imminent after Turkey's approval

Sweden's NATO membership is imminent after Turkey's approval
Sweden close to NATO membership after Turkey's blessing | Ian Bremmer | World In: 60

Ian Bremmer shares his insights on global politics this week from Davos on World In :60.

With the Turkish parliament officially approving Sweden's membership of NATO, will Hungary remain the lone holdout?

I don't expect it. I think that Sweden is joining. Erdogan still has to sign. So, I mean, isn't done done done until the signatures on. But NATO is being sold very, very effectively by Vladimir Putin, continues to expand.

How will the West react to North Korea arming Russia for the war in Ukraine?

Well, the interesting thing, it's not just that North Korea is arming Russia, that Russia is helping North Korea in return, including advancing their ICBM program, which historically was a red line for the Americans. But what are they going to do about it now? I also notice the North Koreans just kind of blew up their big monument for reunification with the South Koreans. They’re saying the South Koreans are permanent enemy, that reunification is no longer an interest of theirs. You know, the North Koreans now have more room to cause trouble because the Chinese aren't the only country out there that is liking them and restraining them. The Russians provide support and they're much more of a chaos actor. It would not surprise me if we're going to see more trouble from the North Koreans in the coming months.

Is a temporary ceasefire between Israel and Hamas likely in exchange for the release of all remaining hostages?

Well, the US would love to see that. Qatar would love to see that. The Israelis are now willing to consider deals that even a couple of weeks ago they were not. Things are not going as well for them on the ground. They don't really have a strategic endgame in Gaza or with Hamas right now. And there’s even more internal dissent within the war cabinet. I don't see Hamas, though, supporting giving away all of the hostages, which is leverage for them in return for a short-term ceasefire. They're taking a maximalist view. Israel has to pull all of their troops out if they would consider that. And the ceasefire has to be more than a couple of months. You know, functionally permanent. It does not seem at all to me that we are close to a deal. Let's put it that way.


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