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A precarious metal boat carrying 40-50 migrants across the Mediterranean from Africa.


Europe plays the blame game over asylum-seekers

“There had been landings but never a tragedy like this,” the mayor of Cutro, a southern Italian town, said after a boat carrying an estimated 200 migrants splintered into pieces on Sunday after hitting rocky terrain.

At least 63 people, including children and at least one newborn, were found dead, while 80 migrants, all adults, survived. Dozens remain missing. Most of the migrants came from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran, having crossed the tumultuous sea from Turkey.

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An employee is seen while people undergo PCR tests for COVID-19 upon their arrival at Beijing Capital International Airport ahead of the 2022 Winter Olympics. The 24th Winter Olympic Games are scheduled to take place in Beijing on February 4-20, 2022.

Valery Sharifulin/TASS

Hard Numbers: COVID bursts Olympic bubble, Italian prez re-elected, Yemeni child soldiers, Peruvian ecocide

34: The organizers of the Beijing Winter Olympics reported on Sunday 34 new COVID infections within the "bubble" set up for the Games, where athletes can only compete if they test negative twice in 24 hours. Troubling news for China's zero-COVID policy.

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When in Rome
GZERO World S2E2: When in Rome

When in Rome

Elections may be hacked, territories annexed, and sanctions levied, but for the Donald and Vlad, one thing will never change: they'll always have Helsinki. On the show this week Ian breaks down the remarkable summit. Then he travels to Italy to understand both sides of a truly dysfunctional political system. And on Puppet Regime, Trump and Putin sit down with Ian for some couples counseling.

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