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The Graphic Truth: UN personnel in peril

In just one month, the fighting in Gaza has claimed more UN aid workers' lives than any previous conflict. Since Oct. 7, at least 89 UNRWA personnel, the major UN humanitarian aid force in the region, have been killed. In total, 131 UN aid workers have died in the Gaza Strip in 2023. UN leaders are calling for an immediate ceasefire and expansion of humanitarian access to Gaza, emphasizing the need to protect civilians and vital infrastructure and to ensure the safe and swift delivery of essential aid.

But Israel remains unswayed by their calls and mounting international pressure for a ceasefire, saying hostages taken by Hamas militants should be released first.

The Graphic Truth: More disabled Americans are working and studying

How well does the world’s largest economy offer opportunities to those with disabilities? For National Disability Employment Awareness Month, we delved into the data from the Census Bureau’s annual American Community Survey to find out.

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The Graphic Truth: Indians hold 40% of Canadian student visas

The fallout from allegations that India was behind the assassination of Hardeep Singh Nijjar has thrown Indo-Canadian relations into the lurch. Each side has expelled a diplomat from the other, and India’s Embassy in Canada stopped processing visas – a serious diplomatic gesture, no doubt, but the material impacts are likely to be small. Only around 80,000 Canadians visited India in 2021 out of more than 1.5 million foreign tourists.

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The Graphic Truth: How old is US Congress

Recent headlines of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, 81, struggling to speak and Sen. Dianne Feinstein, 90, appearing confused in hearings have left some Americans concerned that their leaders are staying in power past their prime.

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Racial makeup of undergraduate students in the U.S. (2010-2021)

Luisa Vieira/GZERO

The Graphic Truth: Hispanic college enrollment has surged

September 15 marked the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month, and as the United States enters a new era in college admissions following the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down race-based affirmative action protections this summer, many worry that the new rules could hurt the chances of aspiring students from traditionally marginalized communities.

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