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Fox-Dominion settlement won't change US politics

Fox-Dominion settlement won't change US politics
Fox-Dominion settlement won't change US politics | World In :60 | GZERO Media

Ian Bremmer shares his insights on global politics this week on World In :60.

How will the Fox-Dominion settlement play into GOP politics ahead of 2024?

Honestly, not at all. It's a really big settlement, almost a billion dollars. And Fox basically is admitting that they posted a lot of disinformation, but it's not changing Fox's position as having the most watched of the cable news programs. It's not changing them from, after a couple of years of having a soft ban of Donald Trump, they're now regularly interviewing him and they will continue to, especially assuming he gets the Republican nomination. So I think that the continued erosion of US political institutions, particularly in the media space and the polarization, is going to continue apace. That is where we are. Kind of like January 6th, not a big enough crisis to have much of an impact.

What's Russia up to with its North Sea sabotage plans?

Oh, a pretty big deal in the sense that there's been investigations by the Danes, the Germans, and others, showing that there are these ghost ships, Russian ships operating in the North Sea that have plans in place as the conflict, if the conflict continues to escalate to sabotage wind farms and undersea communications cables. Not a surprise. That's what a rogue Russia's all about. Remember, the Ukraine War we could easily see freezing as the troops get exhausted and they don't have military capabilities to tack a lot of the land. But Russia is still seen as a rogue state by the G7, by the NATO countries, by the EU, and that's going to make them angrier and angrier. And so the likelihood you see this kind of confrontation, it'll have big impacts, especially on frontline NATO states and on the EU, is very likely going forward.

Is Sudan on the brink of civil war?

Does kind of look that way. There was, in principle, an agreement to a ceasefire, end of hostilities. It led to absolutely no change in both sides fighting each other. And at least you need to get humanitarian supplies in and you need to evacuate a lot of the Western citizens that are trapped there right now. As of now, very low likelihood that's going to happen. Already a couple of hundred dead and not a lot of journalists on the ground really able to report that news, but a very severe humanitarian crisis that is playing out in front of us in Sudan.


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