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“Health is a human right”: How the world can make up progress lost to COVID
“Health is a human right”: Can we make up progress lost to COVID? | Global Stage | GZERO Media

“Health is a human right”: How the world can make up progress lost to COVID

The state of public health in the developing world bears some deep scars from the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the past three years, immunization rates have dropped to levels not seen in three decades. 2 billion people are facing "catastrophic or impoverishing" health spending worldwide according to the World Health Organization. And governments in the Global South are taking on more and more debt at the expense of investment in health and social services.

Kate Dodson, the Vice President of Global Health Strategy at the UN Foundation, is on the frontlines of the fight to give the most vulnerable people in the world access to proper healthcare. She works to connect experts and innovators with the UN, and find resources to support their work.

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The Graphic Truth: Tourism-reliant economies take a hit

Just about every sector of the global economy has felt the impact of the pandemic over the past year, but few have been hit as hard as the tourism trade, which has been brought nearly to a standstill amid quarantine restrictions, layoffs, border closures, and many people's reluctance to travel while the virus rages. Now, even as vaccine rollouts promise a light at the end of the tunnel, countries that rely on tourism to keep their economies afloat still face a long road to recovery. Here we take a look at which large economies rely most on tourism — and we measure the drop in international visitors who have visited them (or not) since the pandemic began.

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