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Fragmented Canadian maple leaf over map of the world

Luisa Vieira

Does Canada have a foreign policy?

Protected by three oceans and the hegemony of the United States, Canadian foreign policy has long been shaped by geographical accident and proximity to power. The trade-off has been that while Canada doesn’t have great power preoccupations it remains stuck within the orbit of its most important ally, the US, which does.

But now, the Canadian government is facing a series of foreign policy challenges that put it in an awkward position. Ottawa suddenly needs to clarify its goals and refine its tactics. Can it?

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Canada is "eyes wide open" on China, says defense minister
Canada is "eyes wide open" on China, says defense minister | GZERO World

Canada is "eyes wide open" on China, says defense minister

Whatever happened to China's spy balloons? You might recall that a suspected one was shot down over the Yukon in Canada, although the terrain made it too hard to retrieve the debris.

Regardless, the crisis demonstrates the need for Ottawa to have an Indo-Pacific strategy and to be "eyes wide open" on China, Canada's Defense Minister Anita Anand tells Ian Bremmer on GZERO World.

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Women in power — Canada's Chrystia Freeland

Heads of state and government typically dominate the spotlight, but it's the office holders that work for and around them who are responsible for some of the biggest policy decisions that forge their country's place in the world. In 2021, still, women leaders are even more likely to go under the radar than their male counterparts.

This International Women's History Month, we shine a light on a few women around the world who are pulling the levers of power.

Chrystia Freeland — dubbed by POLITICO as "Canada's Minister of Everything" — serves as deputy prime minister, finance minister, and was recently foreign minister and a top trade liaison. What sets her apart from many of her counterparts, and how has her worldview shaped her policymaking?

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