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A screen shows Chinese President Xi Jinping during the CCP's 100th anniversary in Beijing.

REUTERS/Thomas Pete

No, Xi Jinping is not on the ropes. But …

Seven months ago, Xi Jinping was at the pinnacle of his power, appearing untouchable as China's president and general secretary of the ruling Communist Party. He’d gotten the CCP to rewrite its own history, putting him on par with Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping; brought the country's tech titans to heel to make China a more egalitarian society; and made Chinese kids study how he thinks.

At the time, though, we also warned that Xi would be on the hook if something went south, like failing on his zero-COVID strategy.

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Annie Gugliotta

How I changed my mind about the Chinese Communist Party

As the CCP celebrates its 100th anniversary, a US-based journalist who was born and raised in China recounts how she went from patriot to skeptic.

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People perform on the stage during the Great Conquest to celebrate the 100-year of the Chinese Communist Part at National Stadium, known as Birds' Nest in Beijing on June 29, 2021.

REUTERS/Yomiuri Shimbun

Can China's communists rule for another 100 years?

Beijing is organizing a big celebration to commemorate the 100th birthday of the Chinese Communist Party, which has ruled the world's most populous country since 1949. Ahead of a much-hyped speech to be delivered to a large audience by leader Xi Jinping on Thursday in Beijing, the party has been conducting a wide-ranging campaign to raise public awareness of its 100-year history. Beijing has ordered officials across the country to make sure nothing mars this week's events.

We spoke to Neil Thomas, a China analyst at Eurasia Group, to better understand the importance of this anniversary for China's leadership.

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Meet the party that runs China

July 1st is the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party, which dominates politics in the world's most populous country. You have probably read, or will read this week, a barrage of media coverage about the CCP's history, how it has changed under General-Secretary Xi Jinping, or what are its future plans for China. But today — and with some help by Eurasia Group expert Neil Thomas — we'll answer more basic questions about the famously opaque party.

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GZERO World S2E7: Kevin Rudd and China's Future

Kevin Rudd and China's Future

This week Ian talks China all episode long. First up, what China is getting right and what it is getting wrong. Then he sits down with former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to discuss Xi Jinping’s China. And on Puppet Regime, Vladimir Putin gets a brand new look. Let’s get to it.

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