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Ian Explains: Welcome to the Global Economy in 2023 | GZERO World

Welcome to the global economy in 2023

How could the most robust global economy in human history get stuck in a sticky inflation trap?

The good news: From a historical perspective, the best time to be alive is ... right now.

Over 1 billion people have escaped poverty within the last two generations. They have experienced an unprecedented period of fast-expanding and broad-based prosperity.

And in the near future, there's a lot to look forward to: most of the world is moving on from the pandemic, Russia has no way to win in Ukraine, the European Union and NATO are stronger than ever, and the climate economy is benefiting from dirt-cheap clean energy prices, Ian Bremmer explains on GZERO World.

But the bad news is that there are real problems ahead. The main one is inflation, which is not going away anytime soon and will drive a lot of the economic doom and gloom for 2023.

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2022 Showed Xi Jinping Is Not Invincible; 2023 Will Be “Rocky Year” for Him | GZERO World

2022 showed Xi Jinping is not invincible; 2023 will be "rocky year" for him

What a year 2022 has been for Xi Jinping.

On the one hand, China's leader made clear he's the big boss after the 20th Communist Party Congress. On the other, he's been forced to roll back his zero-COVID policy following protests and the damage to the economy.

What will 2023 hold for Xi?

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Watch live today at 12 pm ET: Top Risks for 2023

2022 was a year of converging crises. What challenges lie ahead for 2023?

Today at 12 pm ET, watch our live discussion of the Top Risks of 2023, an annual Eurasia Group report forecasting the political risks most likely to play out and how they could impact governments, the private sector, and the world.

The authors of the report, Ian Bremmer, Eurasia Group's founder and president, and Cliff Kupchan, its chairman, will be joined by Eurasia Group experts Anna Ashton, Director, China Corporate Affairs and US-China; Franck Gbaguidi, Senior Analyst, Climate, Energy & Resources; and Rob Kahn, Managing Director, Global Macro-Geoeconomics, to share their analysis in a GZERO Media live event moderated by GZERO's publisher, Evan Solomon.

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